After Minor Oral Surgery and/or removal of wisdom teeth, it is normal to expect some swelling, bruising and discomfort to your face and jaws.  This may last from 5-10 days after the procedure.  To help reduce discomfort and pain and assist in healing, we recommend the following guidelines for you.

Pain Control

  1. The local anesthesia around your mouth will last for 10-12 hours.

  2. Commence regular simple analgesic tablets or syrup when you arrive home.  Available from the chemist. i.e. Panadol, Nurofen.

  3. If pain persists, you may take the stronger tablet prescribed to you by your surgeon: either Panadeine Forte, Digesic or Tramadol as per instructions.

  4. Bleeding. It is normal to bleed for about 24 hours after surgery. Usually the blood gets diluted with your saliva and which makes it appear that there is much more blood present than there actually is.

  5. Nausea and vomiting occasionally occur after a general anaesthetic.  Stop medications and sip regular flat lemonade and clear fluids only. Oral rehydration sachets are available from the chemist if vomiting persists.

  6. Commence your oral antibiotic tablet to help stop infection every 8 hours or as prescribed.  Best daily cycle times are 3:00pm, 11:00pm and 07:00am.

  7. Ice-packs on the sides of the face for 48-72 hours to reduce swelling.

  8. Head elevated during resting and sleeping: 3-4 pillows. This reduces swelling and bleeding.

  9. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

  10. Soft vitaminised diet and plenty of fluids, small frequent meals are best of any of the following: Soups, eggs, soft mashed vegetables, fish, soft pasta, smoothies, custards, jellies, ice-cream, yoghurts, room temperature tea, coffee, drinking chocolate.

  11. Avoid mouth rinsing for first 24 hours as this can disturb the blood clot in the socket.

  12. After 24 hours, gentle mouth rinsing with an antiseptic solution such as Savacol which is available from the chemist.  One capful and dilute with 50% water and rinse 1-2 minutes around oral wounds morning and night for 2 weeks. An  alternative is warm saltwater mouth rinses.

  13. Gentle tooth brushing of teeth and gums with a small child’s toothbrush 3 x daily.

  14. Rest at home after surgery.  No contact sports, jogging or active physical exercises.

  15. The sutures are dissolving and take 7-10 days to go away.

  16. Gentle jaw opening exercises: up and down and side to side to prevent muscle spasms and reduce swelling.

  17. You will have a review appointment 2 weeks after your surgery at the rooms.

  18. Any bleeding from wounds can be controlled with an ice cold rolled gauze pack, handkerchief or rolled tissue paper and gentle biting pressure to the site.  Sit with head elevated.


For all emergencies contact your treating surgeon for assistance