We appreciate that your time is valuable. Every effort will be made to accommodate your schedule when making an appointment. You may always request an appointment with the doctor of your choice. If you do not have a preference, you will be scheduled with the doctor having the first available appointment. We value the importance of continuity of care and will coordinate all follow-up appointments with the same doctor.

Upon arrival of your initial consultation you will be asked to complete a form with personal details and medical history. You will require your Medicare and Health Fund details. During your consultation with one of our doctors you will be examined and your medical history will be reviewed. A treatment plan will then be proposed and we will answer any of your questions. This will enable you to become fully informed about your surgical treatment, including alternative options, potential complications as well as pre and post operative care. Surgical fees are also discussed at the time of consultation.

If you need to change your appointment, we would appreciate at least 48 hours notice.


Patients are generally referred by their general dentists, orthodontists or family doctor. A referral letter and/or x-rays will be either given to you to bring to your initial consultation or can be sent from the referring doctor directly to our rooms. All x-rays can be returned upon request once surgery has been completed.


As both Dr. Aquilina & Dr. Vickers are medical surgeons, some of the procedures will attract a Medicare rebate. For example, provided you have a referral from your doctor or dentist, you will be able to claim a rebate from Medicare for your consultation of approximately $72.75. Likewise, surgical procedures which have a Medicare item number will also attract a Medicare rebate.

Unfortunatley, "dental" treatments, such as the removal of wisdom teeth, do not attract a Medicare rebate as they are considered by the Federal Government to be a dental treatment rather than a medical treatment.

You may be elegible for a rebate from your health fund for dental treatment depending on your level of cover.

It is important to note that the Medicare and Health fund rebates do not reflect the costs of providing high quality surgical care and there will usually be a "Gap" between what our fees are and what your health fund and Medicare will rebate to you.

Prior to consenting to treatment, you will be provided a quotation containing the item numbers and costs. If you present this to your Health Fund, they will tell you how much they will rebate to you.

Affiliated Hospitals

Nepean Private Hospital
1-9 Barber Ave Kingswood NSW 2747

Phone: 02 4732 7333 Main No
02 4725 8619 Pre-Admission (3-4pm)
Fax: 02 4725 8670

Westmead Private Hospital
Cnr Darcy & Mons Roads
Westmead NSW 2145

Phone: 02 8837 9000
Fax: 02 9687 9310

Hunters Hill Private Hospital 
9 Mount Street
Hunters Hill NSW 2110

Phone: 8876 9300
Fax: 8916 3596

Sydney Day Surgery – Royal Prince Alfred
RPAH Medical Centre
Suite 106, 100 Carillon Avenue
Newtown NSW 2042

Phone: 02 9550 5600
Fax: 02 9517 2024